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Icon 10/18 04:07: Hire a botnet operator to spam this website.
Icon 10/16 00:36@30194: pee pee poo poo
Icon 10/15 03:18@30185: antigamer.com - training karens and soyboys since 2000s.
Icon 10/12 16:15@30175: No, hire spambot operators. Trust me, it's even better.
Icon 10/11 17:19link <- Holy cow, let's hire operators of spambots and botnets instead from darkweb!
Icon 10/11 16:56@30171: Hilarious and Original
Icon 10/10 03:14link <- for all antigamers who make antigamer memes
Icon 10/08 19:23: These libtards spawned because of DooM and Mortal Kombat.
Icon 10/06 23:08@30153: idk buddy. i just think for it for fun.
Icon 10/06 23:07@30154: Ok boomer
Icon 10/05 18:13@30149: We got a badass here.
Icon 10/03 06:52: Do not say it when it's very obvious.
Icon 09/30 02:22: Rumors that videogames are evil while playing with toys are normal.
Icon 09/27 08:04@30138: They will call you a fascist.
Icon 09/25 17:20@30136: So are antigamers.
Icon 09/22 19:07@30134: Gamers aren't LGBT+ Nigga.
Icon 09/20 01:53@30123: Long ago, a Tictactoe videogame has been revealed, it spawns new ones like Pong. However, these are not the enemy of Antigamers. In 1990s, Mortal Kombat and DooM appeared out of nowhere. It sparked fire from the biased media of what they call Antigamers. It grew bigger since the internet has been discovered. The only way to prevent bias is ban all idiots from breeding.
Icon 09/16 20:25: "Videogames are bad, lolicon is not" -SJWs
Icon 09/13 23:37link
Icon 09/13 00:42@30124: Go eat shit spic
Icon 09/13 00:41@30123: Ok boomer
Icon 09/11 05:34: too many libtards here.
Icon 09/10 18:57@30113: ok boomer
Icon 09/10 18:56@30114: Nothing is invincible.
Icon 09/08 19:06@30110: She's a thot, not all gamers simp for her.
Icon 09/05 16:27: You can't have Anime if you hate video-games.
Icon 09/05 16:08: Chris-Chan is the Anti-gamer god. Praise him!
Icon 09/05 16:05link
Icon 09/05 16:03: Spread this website to kiwifarms.
Icon 09/05 15:53@30103: see "kiwifarms /banvideogames"
Icon 09/04 17:15: v Raid the chatroom lol v
Icon 09/02 19:28: Spam CP on this website.
Icon 09/02 04:56link
Icon 09/01 04:59@30093: No shit sherlock!
Icon 08/30 20:59: Gamers earn money by Beta Testing a game or Livestreaming. How does PENIX earn money and made this site up? by sucking cocks?
Icon 08/29 20:40: Cloudfail doesn't work on this website cause the owner 's paranoid. go to darkweb to get Strong CloudFail.
Icon 08/27 21:37: i'm also making friends with hackers to hack games and play together like pros.
Icon 08/27 21:36: As a gamer and shitposter, i love trolling around this site. Penix is keeping this site up even if he's broke.
Icon 08/25 15:59@30076: Don't bother asking cause this website is obviously made by a broke person.
Icon 08/23 20:00: ok spam r/InternetElves
Icon 08/22 21:42: InternetElves is a sugarcoated version of Anti-Troll or SJW.
Icon 08/22 20:36: Hitler is a great artist and a gamer. lol!
Icon 08/22 20:35: Thanks to antigamers, they're now equally toxic as gamers.
Icon 08/21 03:38: r/InternetElves? wtf is that bullcrap?
Icon 08/19 17:36link
Icon 08/19 17:35@30030: The maker of cloudfail killed his own creation, get some braincells.
Icon 08/19 17:33@30032: SJW's version from Antifa's ACAB
Icon 08/19 17:32@30033: But you need to find where's the proof. Hitler is a real gamer..
Icon 08/17 19:22@30026: Agreed, but the website owner is broke and bet he uses his spare time on this website
Icon 08/15 18:28: Legends tell that stronger cloudfail lies in darkweb. Use Tor to uncover the legend.
Icon 08/12 20:36@30021: shit
Icon 08/11 23:49: ok boomer
Icon 08/11 01:10@30015: Then what did he used to play videogames?
Icon 08/11 01:09link
Icon 08/07 10:05: Screw MC, Roblox is better.
Icon 08/04 03:05: SIEG HEIL!
Icon 07/31 01:31@30002: ok boomer.
Icon 07/28 18:52: Lol Hitler is king of "gaymers"
Icon 07/28 18:51link
Icon 07/28 18:50: of faggots.
Icon 07/27 05:52: ok boomer.
Icon 07/26 17:09: Does anyone have a proof that Genghis Khan and Mao Zedong played videogames?
Icon 07/26 17:04@29980: So are Movies and TVs.
Icon 07/26 17:01: Well, i know you wont because you SJWs accept every immigrants even if they're terrorists.
Icon 07/26 17:01: US Military uses videogames to recruit college graduates to prepare for real battles. Don't call for help from terrorists if you hate it.
Icon 07/26 06:15link Hehe, take this one SJWs.
Icon 07/26 05:44: The link below is for creating SJWs, whose side are Antigamers now?
Icon 07/26 05:43link
Icon 07/26 05:17: Look how SJWs represent now.
Icon 07/26 05:16link
Icon 07/24 22:36: alright, let's keep spamming ok boomer.
Icon 07/24 18:39@29971: Show proof or bullshit. Your SJW fellows are violent too, aren't you guys playing videogames too?
Icon 07/24 18:31@29970: Good, we should start with these sjws,
Icon 07/23 23:08: just look at Hacknet.
Icon 07/23 23:07: Make hacking an esport so these karens and libtards will ban it too. :)
Icon 07/23 22:46: cloudfail and a powerful malware can take this site.
Icon 07/23 22:45: but a virus can
Icon 07/23 22:43: ok boomer
Icon 07/20 19:27@29956: ikr, they're simply a typical sjws.
Icon 07/19 23:09: also, screw all of you sjws and soyboys.
Icon 07/19 20:29@29946: Well, looks like you're from sjw groups, am i right?
Icon 07/18 18:30: spam ok boomer
Icon 07/17 18:00link
Icon 07/16 19:23: ok boomer
Icon 07/15 05:16link
Icon 07/15 05:15: v Here ya go antisocials v
Icon 07/15 05:10link
Icon 07/14 01:52: To all gamers who want to ddos this website, look for a hacker who can Cloudfail this site and start the attack.
Icon 07/09 21:42: ok boomers
Icon 07/06 16:57@29913: OMG, who TF cares?
Icon 06/25 02:43@29900: ok liberal
Icon 04/30 22:59: ok boomer
Icon 04/29 16:52@29803: Only if you have someone to cloudfail and ddos this site.
Icon 04/28 16:23: welcome to 2000s, where antigamers never collab here.
Icon 04/26 17:42: Remember hackers, use Cloudfail to trace real ip.
Icon 04/23 16:29: this website should also be in top 10 wasted website domains
Icon 04/21 20:28: Hire or invite hacker friends here to use Cloudfail. The owner won't hide anyway.
Icon 04/21 19:49: Use link after the Cloudfail. Lulztime
Icon 04/21 19:44: if anyone uses debian or kali. Use link on this website
Icon 04/21 19:15: The boomer uses apache.