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Icon 07/22 18:24: DDOS won't take down the site for long, morons. It'll be back up again in less than 24 hours. So stop coming here to this site and talking shit and go play [email protected] in your dark, stinking room with no real friends or life and family that hates you. :)
Icon 07/19 18:55: They didn't have this kinda shit in my day. If we were bored we'd go do something constructive.
Icon 07/19 18:52: they have whole boot camps in china full of internet addicts, gamers. we could do the same here.
Icon 07/19 18:46: this is literally the best resource for video game addicts.
Icon 07/19 18:44@29871: GAMES Are COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA
Icon 07/19 18:41@29864: hacking this site is illegal and those morons should find something better to do, like play fortnite in their dark basement.
Icon 07/19 18:37: Pushing for video [email protected] ban legislation is the only way.
Icon 07/19 18:35: Reality is fun! Most of us are millennials who just see how a waste of time gaming is.