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Icon 08/04 03:05: SIEG HEIL!
Icon 07/31 01:31@30002: ok boomer.
Icon 07/28 18:52: Lol Hitler is king of "gaymers"
Icon 07/28 18:51link
Icon 07/28 18:50: of faggots.
Icon 07/27 05:52: ok boomer.
Icon 07/26 17:09: Does anyone have a proof that Genghis Khan and Mao Zedong played videogames?
Icon 07/26 17:04@29980: So are Movies and TVs.
Icon 07/26 17:01: Well, i know you wont because you SJWs accept every immigrants even if they're terrorists.
Icon 07/26 17:01: US Military uses videogames to recruit college graduates to prepare for real battles. Don't call for help from terrorists if you hate it.
Icon 07/26 06:15link Hehe, take this one SJWs.
Icon 07/26 05:44: The link below is for creating SJWs, whose side are Antigamers now?
Icon 07/26 05:43link
Icon 07/26 05:17: Look how SJWs represent now.
Icon 07/26 05:16link
Icon 07/24 22:36: alright, let's keep spamming ok boomer.
Icon 07/24 18:39@29971: Show proof or bullshit. Your SJW fellows are violent too, aren't you guys playing videogames too?
Icon 07/24 18:31@29970: Good, we should start with these sjws,
Icon 07/23 23:08: just look at Hacknet.
Icon 07/23 23:07: Make hacking an esport so these karens and libtards will ban it too. :)
Icon 07/23 22:46: cloudfail and a powerful malware can take this site.
Icon 07/23 22:45: but a virus can
Icon 07/23 22:43: ok boomer
Icon 07/20 19:27@29956: ikr, they're simply a typical sjws.
Icon 07/19 23:09: also, screw all of you sjws and soyboys.
Icon 07/19 20:29@29946: Well, looks like you're from sjw groups, am i right?
Icon 07/18 18:30: spam ok boomer
Icon 07/17 18:00link
Icon 07/16 19:23: ok boomer
Icon 07/15 05:16link
Icon 07/15 05:15: v Here ya go antisocials v
Icon 07/15 05:10link
Icon 07/14 01:52: To all gamers who want to ddos this website, look for a hacker who can Cloudfail this site and start the attack.
Icon 07/09 21:42: ok boomers
Icon 07/06 16:57@29913: OMG, who TF cares?
Icon 06/25 02:43@29900: ok liberal
Icon 04/30 22:59: ok boomer
Icon 04/29 16:52@29803: Only if you have someone to cloudfail and ddos this site.
Icon 04/28 16:23: welcome to 2000s, where antigamers never collab here.
Icon 04/26 17:42: Remember hackers, use Cloudfail to trace real ip.
Icon 04/23 16:29: this website should also be in top 10 wasted website domains
Icon 04/21 20:28: Hire or invite hacker friends here to use Cloudfail. The owner won't hide anyway.
Icon 04/21 19:49: Use link after the Cloudfail. Lulztime
Icon 04/21 19:44: if anyone uses debian or kali. Use link on this website
Icon 04/21 19:15: The boomer uses apache.