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Icon 05/11 20:50: Holy shit boys Penix is back posting stupid articles on the articles tab after 2 years
Icon 05/08 21:14: "Watching real life is much better than watching scripted nothingness" "Reading real life is much better than reading written nothingness" These are literally the same excuses except its just a different media, but nooooo it doesnt matter because video games cause coronavirus and give everyone brain cancer in a 10 meter radius. Fucking retarded.
Icon 05/08 21:11: And the "Real life is more fun" excuse is bullshit. By that logic, you shouldnt watch anything on TV except the news and you shouldn't read books. Everybody knows that real life is boring as all hell and people dont very much appreciate you shitting on one of their favorite forms of entertainment. The "Back in my day I didnt have this thing" Excuse is also a giant load of bullshit because newsflash dipshit: Technology advances and believe it or not it advances in entertainment technologies too.
Icon 05/08 21:08: Do you even know how diseases work? You cant transfer a live virus over fucking electricity. And do you even think that people share earphones? The real people that fuck us over with Coronavirus are Karens like you who cant go a week without their highlights touched up or else they go fucking ballistic. You are saying that people who stay at home and self isolate are the people that spread it? God, you must have flunked basic biology class.