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Icon 03/18 18:54: Also, cornavirus memes arent funny theyre overdone
Icon 03/18 18:54: On his forum, he provides some articles that lightly address that they played videogames, but in most of those cases, those people had severe mental illnesses and development disorder, such as autism or schizophrenia, so I highly doubt that videogames had a giant impact. If an insane person had an idea that they were wronged and wanted revenge, I doubt video games would have an influence on that
Icon 03/17 22:28: Except for one more thing, maybe try to go to sites such as Gale in Context: Opposing Viewpoints. Maybe you wont be such a toxic person or try to create more failed echo chambers like this one.
Icon 03/17 22:08: And that is all
Icon 03/17 22:07: Back to the formulatic videogame thing, that really pisses me off. Thats like saying "Oh you think fiction is more entertaining that non fiction? What a fucking nerd"
Icon 03/17 22:05: "Maybe he's right, maybe I should get a life and sit in the dark, alone, playing Final Fantasy." Hey, at least hes not shitting on random people anonomously via the internet
Icon 03/17 22:04: "At least we will never have to worry about this loser having offspring." That is an incel, not a gamer
Icon 03/17 22:04: "11/26 14:11: I hate elitist gamers and their filth, always assessing people's worth by how good they are at video games. I tell you what though--most people in the world haven't touched a video game. Video games didn't even exist in the 1940's; does that mean that people like Franklin Roosevelt and Mahatma Gandhi are "wimps?" For promoting this stupid false sense of merit, these "uber-leet" nobodies deserve to die in the same layer of hell as all the pedophiles." If you can show me a single person who thinks they are better than you because they are better at video games, I will do all the hateful things you wish gamers would do to theirselves
Icon 03/17 22:01: "11/04 19:29: BREAKING NEWS: PENIX IS OSAMA BIN LADEN" No idea who this is
Icon 03/17 22:00: "10/23 14:33: There once was a gamer named Bob. He played Counterstrike as much as a fob. One memorable day, cheaters stole his server rank away, and he played with his virgin knob." Being stylish does not make you right. Ever play Wolfenstein? Of course you havent, but in the game, the Nazis are the leaders of cultural development, and that doesnt make them right
Icon 03/17 21:58: "OH MY GOD! YOU MEAN IT'S NOT REALLY SPELLED "GAYMER"?" Again, fair point, but do you really think this person thought that you didnt know how to spell gamer
Icon 03/17 21:57: "InvisionFree is for people who don't have their own servers, you whiny little bitch. If you don't like this Web site, perhaps you should stop visiting it. What a fucking moron." Such a typical argument, never works because thats not how arguments are talked about. If you never look or talk about the opposite side, you never have any resolution. Also, this site is very hateful, so I can see why this site was reported
Icon 03/17 21:55: "08/22 22:42: btw, good hand-eye coordination doesn't matter when you have no girlfriend, die sad and alone, and never make any real money" Yes, because you definetly cant have a girlfriend, be happy and have friends, or make any money at all if you play video games
Icon 03/17 21:52: "Yes, he really said that. You can't make up shit this stupid. Everyone make sure you play lots of Resident Evil so you're prepared the next time zombies take over your city." This is a fair point, however, not a typically used argument by those who actually know what theyre talking about
Icon 03/17 21:51: " my god... this site is so full of stereotypical bullshit... jesus christ... i, being a gamer myself, play games because most of my "friends" were dirty bastards that spread rumors about me behind my back... so i figured i was better off without em" I cant tell which side this is for
Icon 03/17 21:50: "This shit is funny. AntiGaymer and I fucked last night while playing Paper Mario 2. Homeboy was Mario, and I was the turtle...feel me? shit was ill too. Me and Gaymer are going to Hastings 12:00 am to pick up Halo 2, then we'll fuck like wild polar bears in heat. Work it baby. 11/06 07:22: Just playin' yall. I only gave Gaymer head 'cause homeboy gave me 2 grand. Doesnt' mean I'm gay. 11/06 07:36: O.p.p reppin', you ho's-see-me messin', tearin', fuckin' shit up, comin' to gay sites , carryin' a hundred-six-guns, tearin'-this-punk a new asshole, slashin' and slicen', my crew's-bad-so we're sicker then shit wrapped-in-diaper, laugh-when-I-fight-ya, cause I Rock-and-I'm-Rollin, you like a cork in a bottle - a little effort and I'll pop-you-right-open 11/06 07:40: Hey guys, I spent some time with Gaymer in prison. Me and some other guys held him down, and i fucked him in the ass. Homeboy screamed like a little bitch" What the actual fuck is this
Icon 03/17 21:49: "07/10 14:23: I'd have to say fuck LAMERS because all of you gamers trying to diss this site are morons. This site is NEVER going down unless Penix allows it to, the Urban Dictionary definition isn't going away, and you people are wasting your time... just as you waste it on playing games in your dark, quiet little room. Shut the fuck up and get back to your pathetic, miserable lives. If you came here to bash this site, you might as well give up and go back to the blow job your daddy was giving you. Good bye. ^____^" This is just pure toxicity. Insulting someone doesnt make your point better, and neither does a shitty pun
Icon 03/17 21:48: "Oh yeah, that must be it. It's a big conspiracy against gamers." Its not necescarilly a conspiracy, but most of the time, when you think of gaming in the news, What do you think of? Negativity.
Icon 03/17 21:46: "So you're saying that a formulamatic videogame is more interesting and unexpected than real life? You have got to be the biggest loser to ever visit this site. Stop telling everyone you\'re going to leave and just leave already." Honestly yeah, video games are more fun because whens the last time irl you ever went on an adventure to save the world or have superhuman powers. Nowadays life is just as formulatic being wake up, go to work, go home, sleep. Yes, while life is typically unexpected, to have a life of good quality it is necessary to be predictable.
Icon 03/17 21:43: Im gonna try my best to do a comeback to all of the random quotes
Icon 03/17 21:40: " also you can be disgusted by gamers but we don't bother you assholes in any way whatsoever you are just stupid bullys wasting time putting other people down to make yourselves feel better about your shit lives" Hey dude this is kinda harsh and seeing about the argument your trying to make kinda invalidates your claim.
Icon 03/17 21:35: Also, why use homosexuality as an insult? It's 2020 my dude
Icon 03/17 21:33: They say that video games are violent but the background is probably more violent than most videogames