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Icon 01/30 20:34: If you press why did yoy create anti-gamer.com, itll say cuz gamers suck. They post no evidence nor do they try to support their statement. Like fighting a queen with a pawn, this is useess and likely increases suicide rates. So gamers are the problem? This is stupid.
Icon 01/30 20:29: Some of these people are stupid in their thinking that gaming causes health problems. I am a gamer and i look quite attractive to other people within my school. 9th graders try to flirt wit me all the time. This article is entirwly wrong and the media always thinks there is something destroying society. Most people game so much because of their depression including me. Shut up and get over your. Ignorance.
Icon 01/30 20:26: Ok. Who made this article need to go f*ck themselves.