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Icon 06/02 16:52link Watch this Cloudfail demonstration.
Icon 05/12 18:11@29824: ikr, this website belongs to the comedy museum.
Icon 05/09 18:42@29783: This website is trying hard to be relevant but it needs to be in comedy museum.
Icon 05/09 18:41: good
Icon 05/08 01:04: ok boomer
Icon 02/09 23:43: look at the link below
Icon 02/09 23:42@29681: talk about john daulton being a karen's husband.
Icon 02/09 23:41link
Icon 02/09 23:41: ok boomer cause deus vult.
Icon 11/08 00:49: Ok, Boomer (gotta be the first to say it)
Icon 11/08 00:47: everyone spam "Ok, Boomer"