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Icon 01/04 06:47: Somebody who still refuses to accept that video games have become a major and defining element of our culture. The belief that only lonely, agoraphobic and pencil-necked geeks play computer games is an archaic stereotype, and Anti-gamers primarily believe only geeks and nerds spend their time playing video games. In reality, this is pretty much the same as saying "only sluts ever have sex". Today, everybody plays video and computer games; anti-gamers tend to show soccer-mum qualities and *really* need to wake up and get with the times. Anti-gamer: "You play video games...? Man, you really need to get a fucking life." Gamer: "So kickin-ass in Half-life 2, Splinter Cell, and a dozen other ass-kicking FPS with a massive ring of friends over Xbox-live or LAN parties makes me a geek? I think you need to follow your own advice about getting a life, pal. This isn't the 80s, anymore." Anti-gamer: "Yeah, whatevs. I'm sure all your "friends" are geekish losers who can't get any sex so they spend all their time jerki