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Icon 01/25 13:55: Look, i agree with the overall message, but the way it is presented imakes you look like a dick. The website is poorly researched (urban dictionary) and i have a feeling you don't even care about educating gamers, just spewing off hate. This came apparent when i took a look at you forums, and the only articles i could find were about flooring! Seriously, wtf. Bottom line - the author is full of bullshit and doesn't really care about the message they try to get across
Icon 01/25 13:48: But seriously - you got your definition from the URBAN DICTIONARY?! And the fact that you called gamers gaymers probably suggests that you are a homophobic bully irl
Icon 01/25 13:45: "If you don't agree with me then you can go fuck yourself" (facepalm)