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Icon 08/17 22:57: hahahahah gamephobe!!! stop breeding more normies!
Icon 08/16 23:02: even an autistic kid can make a better website
Icon 08/16 14:56: fuckin h8rs
Icon 08/16 00:11: this place is gay
Icon 08/14 12:30: Good luck out there. See if you can find another one of my messages! You'll know it if you see one.
Icon 08/14 12:30: This place is dead, but you sure aren't!
Icon 08/14 12:29: Hello weary internet traveler!
Icon 08/13 17:12: if he unbans me and talks to me I'll stop
Icon 08/13 17:11: bye bye stream
Icon 08/13 15:46: these losers dont even konw how to troll rite
Icon 08/13 15:23: Hol up, hol up. Is this real or some weakass trollin attempt?
Icon 08/13 14:01: Twitch.tv/GrenadierGreg
Icon 08/10 19:12: antigamers are gay and the balls touch
Icon 08/07 01:08: antigamers are gay af
Icon 08/02 13:09: antigamers are dumb
Icon 07/29 20:11: antigamers are scared of gamers cuz they know we could hack them at any time we want
Icon 07/28 07:30: Iq
Icon 07/28 07:29: This is a proven fact anti gamers are mostly people with 90 ia
Icon 07/28 07:29: But I ain't hacking it
Icon 07/28 07:28: You suck your site sucks and I know your site ip
Icon 07/25 18:46: stupid ass nazi bitches
Icon 07/23 22:34: im ready for the revolution
Icon 07/23 18:36: does anyone in this thread smoke weed
Icon 07/23 18:08: gamers should be oppressed
Icon 07/23 18:06: Gamers must be oppressed and forced into camps, where they will be re-educated and taught to respect women.
Icon 07/23 16:57: Jesus Christ who made this website? I'm currently using replacement eyeballs because my original ones melted due to how horrible this site looks.
Icon 07/20 01:44: stupid assholes
Icon 07/15 23:18: the webmaster is only a master of being a faggot
Icon 07/14 20:59: You are a stupid idiot
Icon 07/14 12:39@29131: this site makes you look like an idiot so im glad your taking it down loser
Icon 07/13 05:25: i'm actually planning to take down this site
Icon 07/12 13:08: fags
Icon 07/09 19:27: fuck this dumbass motherfucking stupid ass writer who has no fucking life what so ever
Icon 07/09 01:04: If you quit video games you are an idiot and probably got pwnd
Icon 07/08 18:32: Big love to all my homies out in the struggle. This one is from Ukraine baby! : - )
Icon 07/08 18:31: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Icon 07/08 08:56: Quitting video games is the best thing to happen in my life
Icon 07/06 13:33: antigamers are the dumbest thing in the history of forever
Icon 07/05 13:00: antigamers eat shit
Icon 07/02 21:30: this is gay
Icon 06/29 14:16: i jerk off while pwnin antigamers in cod!
Icon 06/26 19:42: fuck you
Icon 06/26 11:21: Retard writing... Fucking fucktard I wish I could show u my sketches and play some bass till u pee in your undi... Bastard Iam a fucking 5k MMR DotA 2 player and trust me Iam much more talented than you shit heads who know nothing about gamer mindset... And plus I hold a degree in psychology so yeaaa fuck UA mind...
Icon 06/25 23:35: this website was probably made by a homeless person lol im a dogecoin millionaire
Icon 06/20 15:39: i fucked penises mom
Icon 06/19 23:28: sorry im gay mr. rico arboleda
Icon 06/19 23:24: fuck your mom
Icon 06/19 23:21: dota 2
Icon 06/18 14:02: LOL penix got pwnd
Icon 06/17 03:03: It'll Help: link
Icon 06/17 03:03: Heres A Website I Found For Penix
Icon 06/17 03:02: What a waste for something so pitiful.
Icon 06/17 03:01: Don't Websites Like These Cost $200 Or Somethin?
Icon 06/17 02:59: This feels like a really shitty web design...
Icon 06/14 23:00: FUCK YOU PENIX!!!
Icon 06/14 19:31: HEIL HITLER!
Icon 06/12 23:27: Can we have a round of heil hitlerys for this patrotic website?
Icon 06/11 13:17: shut this down
Icon 06/07 01:26: This is weaponisd autism.
Icon 06/04 15:19: this is gay
Icon 06/02 13:25: cunts
Icon 05/28 03:40: ALLAHU AKBAR
Icon 05/27 11:50: More like before the universe even existed!
Icon 05/25 00:31: more like prehistoric times lol
Icon 05/23 14:22: This looks like it was made in 1912
Icon 05/23 02:35: this sit is quite pathetic and sad. didnt whoever make this site learn web design? im a school students and i can make a better site
Icon 05/22 12:36: omg buy bitcoin and ethereum!
Icon 05/19 00:31: wyh did no one hack this site?
Icon 05/16 15:02: fags
Icon 05/13 19:29: did hugh jazz create this site?
Icon 05/10 18:00: only losers are antigamers
Icon 05/09 18:44: no offense, but honestly, you don't degrade the gaming passion of these guys' interest in playing games just because you're on the other side. Grow up pipz.
Icon 05/08 20:08: Fucking westerners, I hope Trump and ISIS drive America straight to the ground.
Icon 05/05 23:43: go away
Icon 05/04 15:22: dumbest website evar
Icon 05/03 14:31: I didn't actually find this...What...
Icon 05/02 11:41: fuck this
Icon 04/28 14:50: gay
Icon 04/26 00:00: HACK THIS SITE!!!
Icon 04/22 00:42: why is this site still up someone hack it
Icon 04/20 14:26: im a gamer fuckng twat go grab a noose
Icon 04/20 14:24: faggot
Icon 04/19 22:59: HACK THIS SITE
Icon 04/18 15:18: ug was this site made by a 5 year old? i think i know some kids that could code better css lol
Icon 04/18 15:16: but where is the proof of any of this? you cant just write random shit down this claim it as fact. i would like to see the sourses.
Icon 04/17 22:50: who got hax?
Icon 04/17 00:08link
Icon 04/14 12:49: PLEASE HACK THIS SITE IP!!!!!!!!!!!
Icon 04/12 01:19: Sorry​ ip
Icon 04/12 01:18: I am a gamer I have the up of this site but I ain't helping you
Icon 04/11 23:31: someone hack this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Icon 04/10 07:05: Normal people use synonyms if they can't spell.
Icon 04/10 07:05: cant you spell??
Icon 04/08 05:49: If you are anon gamer stop being jealous
Icon 04/08 05:49: those who think they are bad cant last in a game
Icon 04/08 05:48: Gamers are like death knights good or bad in the eyes of different people.