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Icon 09/27 08:04@30138: They will call you a fascist.
Icon 09/26 21:51: If I ever meet an antigamer I will murder them
Icon 09/25 17:20@30136: So are antigamers.
Icon 09/24 20:56: Gamers are not people
Icon 09/22 19:07@30134: Gamers aren't LGBT+ Nigga.
Icon 09/22 18:26: GAMING IS GAY
Icon 09/22 12:09: or maybe people against gaming recognize it can be a serious addiction, and that 99% of gamers are absolute fucking pathetic losers with literally nothing to their game
Icon 09/20 21:00: I have no friends and I'm so lonely
Icon 09/20 01:53@30123: Long ago, a Tictactoe videogame has been revealed, it spawns new ones like Pong. However, these are not the enemy of Antigamers. In 1990s, Mortal Kombat and DooM appeared out of nowhere. It sparked fire from the biased media of what they call Antigamers. It grew bigger since the internet has been discovered. The only way to prevent bias is ban all idiots from breeding.
Icon 09/18 12:12: ANTIGAMERS ARE GAY
Icon 09/16 20:25: "Videogames are bad, lolicon is not" -SJWs
Icon 09/13 23:37link
Icon 09/13 00:42@30124: Go eat shit spic
Icon 09/13 00:41@30123: Ok boomer
Icon 09/12 23:07: This site is completely gay
Icon 09/11 12:48: putos gamers
Icon 09/11 12:05: A generation ago, a terrible evil came into living rooms across america. this evil is video games, and they profit from the pain and misery of families and mindless entertainment. the way to end big gaming is a nationwide ban.
Icon 09/11 05:34: too many libtards here.
Icon 09/10 21:03: alright guys keep it up. banning games is the only way to get back at [email protected] losers that stabbed you in the back online, but is a loser in reality.
Icon 09/10 21:00: login if you're a verified [email protected], if not, piss off for your efforts to diss this site is in vain.
Icon 09/10 20:55: Gamer army? you and what army?
Icon 09/10 20:53: somebody blow up this site
Icon 09/10 20:11: u gay
Icon 09/10 18:57@30113: ok boomer
Icon 09/10 18:56@30114: Nothing is invincible.
Icon 09/10 17:25: Go play games and jack off alone morons. this site is invincible!
Icon 09/10 16:54[email protected] are a menace to society. accept reality today!
Icon 09/08 19:06@30110: She's a thot, not all gamers simp for her.
Icon 09/08 11:18@30110: Belle Delpine is πŸ”₯
Icon 09/08 03:39: Lemme guess. Y'all guys own Belle Delphine's bathwater and condom and yet you can't use on your waifu HAHAHAHA retards
Icon 09/05 16:27: You can't have Anime if you hate video-games.
Icon 09/05 16:08: Chris-Chan is the Anti-gamer god. Praise him!
Icon 09/05 16:05link
Icon 09/05 16:03: Spread this website to kiwifarms.
Icon 09/05 15:53@30103: see "kiwifarms /banvideogames"
Icon 09/04 18:13: go ahead and try ;)
Icon 09/04 17:15: v Raid the chatroom lol v
Icon 09/04 14:00link <- join
Icon 09/04 13:58link link link link
Icon 09/04 13:56link <----------------
Icon 09/04 13:55link
Icon 09/02 19:28: Spam CP on this website.
Icon 09/02 04:56link
Icon 09/01 09:05: Pee Pee Poo Poo
Icon 09/01 04:59@30093: No shit sherlock!
Icon 08/31 21:06: His name is PENIX cuz he loves PENIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Icon 08/30 20:59: Gamers earn money by Beta Testing a game or Livestreaming. How does PENIX earn money and made this site up? by sucking cocks?
Icon 08/29 20:40: Cloudfail doesn't work on this website cause the owner 's paranoid. go to darkweb to get Strong CloudFail.
Icon 08/28 21:05: We need to spread the world about this site to all gamers so we can mobilize an attack!
Icon 08/28 21:04: Why is this site still up? Why didn't anyone hack it yet? This is sooooooooooooo gay.
Icon 08/27 21:37: i'm also making friends with hackers to hack games and play together like pros.
Icon 08/27 21:36: As a gamer and shitposter, i love trolling around this site. Penix is keeping this site up even if he's broke.
Icon 08/27 12:21: ok boomer
Icon 08/26 09:37: and i am ahead of other students and play video games all day u dumb person
Icon 08/26 09:36: and i am a kid are u truly that stupid anti gamer
Icon 08/26 09:35: ok i just looked at what u had on the site and i can argue and win idiot
Icon 08/26 09:33: and also not having a girl friend does not make u a loser
Icon 08/26 09:32: anti gamers are dumb i am a gamer and a kid gamers are not nazis video games do not cause violence plz delete this site
Icon 08/25 20:55: toxic fucks
Icon 08/25 20:54: Take down this fucking site or die. You don\'t respect opinions...
Icon 08/25 20:53: Take down this fucking site or die. You don't respect opinions...
Icon 08/25 15:59@30076: Don't bother asking cause this website is obviously made by a broke person.
Icon 08/25 15:37: who made this shit? i'd beat the shit out of them
Icon 08/24 01:25: r/internetelves
Icon 08/23 20:00: ok spam r/InternetElves
Icon 08/23 03:01: r/InternetElves
Icon 08/22 21:42: InternetElves is a sugarcoated version of Anti-Troll or SJW.
Icon 08/22 20:36: Hitler is a great artist and a gamer. lol!
Icon 08/22 20:35: Thanks to antigamers, they're now equally toxic as gamers.
Icon 08/21 14:09: Wow, sure haven’t heard that one before. Got any new material?
Icon 08/21 11:40: So this is the official karen/antigamer/dumb bit**es website
Icon 08/21 10:35: fuck antigamers
Icon 08/21 10:11: FACT: All g^mers are Nazis, and there's nothing you little gamer babies can do to change that. Seethe harder 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣
Icon 08/21 05:50: hitler was a g^mer. deal with it
Icon 08/21 05:49: all g#mers.... are nazis
Icon 08/21 05:48: r/InternetElves
Icon 08/21 05:35link Help us ban Video G*mes today! -u/LuigiHelpsOut
Icon 08/21 03:38: r/InternetElves? wtf is that bullcrap?
Icon 08/20 15:03: r/InternetElves
Icon 08/20 13:27: What's wrong with being opposed to bigoted Nazis? You seem very surprised.
Icon 08/20 13:19: What is wrong with you people
Icon 08/20 13:09link <----- Join the crusade against the fascist Big Gaming industry!
Icon 08/20 13:03: the Nazi g*mers are seething πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
Icon 08/20 13:02: lmao
Icon 08/20 09:35: Oh god wont you fucking karens go back to Facebook instead of reddit
Icon 08/20 09:15: Lol what a FUCKING joke
Icon 08/20 06:18: r/InternetElves
Icon 08/20 02:55: What is this???
Icon 08/20 02:40:  The gamer army is mobilizing its forces and you sir are screwed.
Icon 08/19 22:48: I'm actually against [email protected], as a former [email protected], but jesus those old boomers make me want to puke. Shouldn't they be at church or something?
Icon 08/19 19:15: ageism and ableism, didn't expect less from a nazi g*mer
Icon 08/19 18:53: Those bible thumper boomers on reddit are retarded, why waste your time posting boring shit about gamers if you know Nothing about them?
Icon 08/19 18:49: To say that hitler played games is absurd... lowlife gamers have been playing too much wolfenstein.
Icon 08/19 18:45: Games are exactly what their called: Games. Stop being tricked by corrupt big gaming and get a life dickheads.
Icon 08/19 18:42[email protected] are holding society back, and need to be stopped. The final solution is a nationwide Ban.
Icon 08/19 18:08: Antig*mer and proud
Icon 08/19 17:44: #destroy all video g*mes
Icon 08/19 17:36link
Icon 08/19 17:35@30030: The maker of cloudfail killed his own creation, get some braincells.