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Icon 01/14 15:31: LOL only loser virgins are antigamers
Icon 01/04 06:47: Somebody who still refuses to accept that video games have become a major and defining element of our culture. The belief that only lonely, agoraphobic and pencil-necked geeks play computer games is an archaic stereotype, and Anti-gamers primarily believe only geeks and nerds spend their time playing video games. In reality, this is pretty much the same as saying "only sluts ever have sex". Today, everybody plays video and computer games; anti-gamers tend to show soccer-mum qualities and *really* need to wake up and get with the times. Anti-gamer: "You play video games...? Man, you really need to get a fucking life." Gamer: "So kickin-ass in Half-life 2, Splinter Cell, and a dozen other ass-kicking FPS with a massive ring of friends over Xbox-live or LAN parties makes me a geek? I think you need to follow your own advice about getting a life, pal. This isn't the 80s, anymore." Anti-gamer: "Yeah, whatevs. I'm sure all your "friends" are geekish losers who can't get any sex so they spend all their time jerki
Icon 01/02 14:47: I made this site and i wanted everyone to know that i sucked 100 dicks today lol
Icon 12/30 20:40: this is a trash cringe site please delete you are wasting money hosting this you broke ass cunt
Icon 12/29 18:02: I'm a gamer and this guy who made this site is an idiot.
Icon 12/26 02:03: I may not be a gamer and yes, i get the message. But your claims about gamers are stereotypes and you are being rude.
Icon 12/25 02:11: lol this guy is make this site is butthurt so bad and probly crying right now
Icon 12/20 23:31: Holy shit..... this site is so bullshit..... the designs are very retarded..... the owner of this site is gay,faggot and peasant
Icon 12/13 12:45: so gay
Icon 12/09 12:57: I fucked the site owners mom in the ass and skeet on her face
Icon 11/30 16:40: hack this site plz
Icon 11/29 09:38: You suck your site sucks and I know your site ip
Icon 11/27 02:02: gamers rule!
Icon 11/21 14:01: this if fucking gay
Icon 11/20 00:00: asshats
Icon 11/17 09:16: Its not rape if both of you are crying
Icon 11/16 15:16: Psst, hey, you. Pagliacci. The guy who posted on Doctor NerdLove forums. Get on Wizardchan!! wizchan DOT org
Icon 11/13 15:41: this stie is so gay
Icon 11/10 23:55: lol
Icon 11/05 13:22: and he stuck them up his butt lol
Icon 11/03 13:44: the author of this site is gay and sucked 100000000000 dicks
Icon 10/26 08:02: its prob made by a eight year old who give up in gaming just because he lost a match at bo3
Icon 10/26 07:58: guys just ignore this bastard
Icon 10/26 07:57: who tha fuck is this idiotic gaylord
Icon 10/25 21:47: I admired and looked up to Trump... until he came out as a birther around 2010 or so.
Icon 10/25 21:43: Donald Trump's success is real. Liberal goals are delusional.
Icon 10/25 13:05: rofl gonna go play games now
Icon 10/22 00:16: antigamers smoke crack out of shitty assholes
Icon 10/20 13:36: why is this website still on the internet again ?
Icon 10/17 13:28: KILL ALL ANTIGAMERS
Icon 10/14 14:31: I'd shit all over an antigamer
Icon 10/13 08:23: there is so much wrong with this website...
Icon 10/13 08:20: this guy probably hasnt even touched a modern video game and thinks we are fucking retarded ffs its 2017
Icon 10/11 20:49: if your an antigamer than fuck you
Icon 10/08 01:08: only a stupid fag would make this site
Icon 10/06 03:30: HEy Aim A ReeTrAD AnD I DUNt LAiK GEmS Becuuss DEY MEk VIulend
Icon 10/06 03:26: This Should Help link
Icon 10/05 15:57: go fuck urself
Icon 10/05 13:03: before you say anything about gamers get the fucking background of your website right
Icon 10/05 13:02: Ignorance.com the website dedicated to ignorance about gamers
Icon 10/05 13:00: why does this wensite exist its useless
Icon 10/05 01:05: i just played cod for 6 hours lol you cant stop me
Icon 10/01 16:42: loca
Icon 09/29 07:07: What is this a thing. Everything is person to person. Including "video game addiction"
Icon 09/28 17:05: freaks
Icon 09/25 01:15: Also they probably have bad eye hand coordination.
Icon 09/22 16:00: People who don't like video games are because they suck at them. Also a fact.
Icon 09/22 15:59: All the smartest people are gamers which is a fact.
Icon 09/19 17:02: gamers are the best
Icon 09/17 20:50: My friend charlie is an antigamer, fuck that guy
Icon 09/16 15:53: def noobs
Icon 09/14 01:07: lol losers
Icon 09/10 02:47: if i ever meet a antigamer ill chop off his dick and sell it on ebay
Icon 09/07 01:10: omg who does shit like this? its 2017 u losers!
Icon 09/03 23:52: gay
Icon 08/31 20:33: AntiGamer.com brought to you by your local retirement center.
Icon 08/30 07:47: Autistic kid here. I'm going to take it upon myself to make a better website. Thankyou for understandinh
Icon 08/29 02:00: i didn't see the emoji movie yet
Icon 08/27 10:52: Que mierda de pagina
Icon 08/26 13:04: Website with free time to complain
Icon 08/26 13:03: Makes
Icon 08/26 13:03: >Says all gamers waste time and money
Icon 08/25 18:04@29176: I'm wasting my time but because I'm not gaming rn I am the best person in the world (at least if we use this sites logic probably idk)
Icon 08/25 18:02: Actuallay I had the whole script copied but it didn't fit
Icon 08/25 18:01: Okay guys I tried to copy paste the emoji movie script but I'm on mobile rn and it's kind of a pain in the ass to do that so that's all you get sorry
Icon 08/25 17:58: the world we live in. it's so... wonderous. mysterious. even magical. no... no no no.. not that world. i meant this one. the smartphone. each system and program app is it's own little planet of perfect. technology. all providing services so necessary, so crucial, so unbelievably profound. look who just sent me a text! addie mccallister? it must be a mistake. or a joke. or a scam! don't send her your social security number. she's right there! that's our user, alex. and, like every freshman in high school, his whole life, everything, revolves around his phone. and, because the pace of life gets, faster and faster... phones down in five. and attention spans get shorter and shorter... and... you're probably not even listening to me right now. who has the time to type out actual words? and that's where we come in. the most important invention in the history of communication! emo gees. that's my home! textopolis. here, each of us does one thing, and we have to nail it every time. christmas tree just has to stand th
Icon 08/25 17:27: wtf is this site and why? can't you guys just accept that people enjoy wasting their time? i'm pretty sure you guys should know, because you wasted time creating this site.
Icon 08/25 13:26: you should shut this site down. don't want people to get brain damage
Icon 08/25 11:58: this site is by far the most cancerous site i've ever seen
Icon 08/25 11:27: No
Icon 08/25 11:17: his is so dumb it is beautifuk
Icon 08/25 01:01: antigamers are autistic screachers just crying about how the got ownt in cod
Icon 08/25 00:35: Some gamers do it like 2 hours a day not all gamers are addicted
Icon 08/25 00:14: normies reeeeeeeee
Icon 08/22 00:33: antigmers are looooooooooooooooosers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Icon 08/21 03:08: I love games
Icon 08/18 13:37: dumb shits spent time on this gay website instead of playing games lol
Icon 08/17 22:57: hahahahah gamephobe!!! stop breeding more normies!
Icon 08/16 23:02: even an autistic kid can make a better website
Icon 08/16 14:56: fuckin h8rs
Icon 08/16 00:11: this place is gay
Icon 08/14 12:30: Good luck out there. See if you can find another one of my messages! You'll know it if you see one.
Icon 08/14 12:30: This place is dead, but you sure aren't!
Icon 08/14 12:29: Hello weary internet traveler!
Icon 08/13 17:12: if he unbans me and talks to me I'll stop
Icon 08/13 17:11: bye bye stream
Icon 08/13 15:46: these losers dont even konw how to troll rite
Icon 08/13 15:23: Hol up, hol up. Is this real or some weakass trollin attempt?
Icon 08/13 14:01: Twitch.tv/GrenadierGreg
Icon 08/10 19:12: antigamers are gay and the balls touch
Icon 08/07 01:08: antigamers are gay af
Icon 08/02 13:09: antigamers are dumb
Icon 07/29 20:11: antigamers are scared of gamers cuz they know we could hack them at any time we want
Icon 07/28 07:30: Iq
Icon 07/28 07:29: This is a proven fact anti gamers are mostly people with 90 ia
Icon 07/28 07:29: But I ain't hacking it
Icon 07/28 07:28: You suck your site sucks and I know your site ip
Icon 07/25 18:46: stupid ass nazi bitches
Icon 07/23 22:34: im ready for the revolution
Icon 07/23 18:36: does anyone in this thread smoke weed