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Icon 08/12 20:36@30021: shit
Icon 08/12 18:27@30015: ok boomer
Icon 08/12 17:14: holy
Icon 08/11 23:49: ok boomer
Icon 08/11 20:26: OK millennial
Icon 08/11 01:10@30015: Then what did he used to play videogames?
Icon 08/11 01:09link
Icon 08/09 11:03: About Genghis khan playing games... that was thousands of years ago they didn't make game consoles or CD disc.
Icon 08/09 10:59: I'm a former gamer. I wasted the best years of my life playing fictional games that's not even real. Now I spend my days spreading awareness about the dangers of video game addiction. Don't go the way of big [email protected], quit today.
Icon 08/09 05:59: hi
Icon 08/07 10:05: Screw MC, Roblox is better.
Icon 08/06 15:58@30009: chess sucks tho
Icon 08/06 11:41: I'm going to go play minecraft alone in my room with the door locked and not
Icon 08/05 23:55: CHESS is a Game
Icon 08/05 00:01: This is not ok this site needs to disappear
Icon 08/04 03:05: SIEG HEIL!
Icon 08/01 17:43: Hi nice board
Icon 08/01 00:48: This is WAR
Icon 07/31 01:31@30002: ok boomer.
Icon 07/31 00:20@29980: Video [email protected] aren't real. Accept reality today.
Icon 07/30 11:31: Boomers be likev
Icon 07/28 18:52: Lol Hitler is king of "gaymers"
Icon 07/28 18:51link
Icon 07/28 18:50: of faggots.
Icon 07/28 11:38: Penix is King
Icon 07/28 11:34: Ok boomer ok boomer ok boomer ok boomer ok boomer ok boomer
Icon 07/28 11:33: Ok boomer ok boomer ok boomer ok boomer ok boomer ok boomer ok boomer ok boomer ok boomer ok boomer ok boomer ok boomer ok boomer
Icon 07/27 19:46: ok boomer
Icon 07/27 05:52: ok boomer.
Icon 07/27 00:10: My son's a gaymer. the little shit stays in his room, 24/7, not doing anything but sitting there playing some damn game and jerking off all day. I tried to get him to go outside but he just Sits there more.
Icon 07/26 17:09: Does anyone have a proof that Genghis Khan and Mao Zedong played videogames?
Icon 07/26 17:04@29980: So are Movies and TVs.
Icon 07/26 17:01: Well, i know you wont because you SJWs accept every immigrants even if they're terrorists.
Icon 07/26 17:01: US Military uses videogames to recruit college graduates to prepare for real battles. Don't call for help from terrorists if you hate it.
Icon 07/26 06:15link Hehe, take this one SJWs.
Icon 07/26 05:44: The link below is for creating SJWs, whose side are Antigamers now?
Icon 07/26 05:43link
Icon 07/26 05:17: Look how SJWs represent now.
Icon 07/26 05:16link
Icon 07/26 04:00: Videogames are Evil
Icon 07/26 00:36:  The forums have been taken over by violent gamer scum. It is now time to DESTROY the True Gamer Army!
Icon 07/26 00:31: You whining idiots. If you don't like this site, why the hell do you keep coming here? fucking dorks.
Icon 07/26 00:15: Ok boomer
Icon 07/24 22:36: alright, let's keep spamming ok boomer.
Icon 07/24 19:22: ok boomer
Icon 07/24 18:39@29971: Show proof or bullshit. Your SJW fellows are violent too, aren't you guys playing videogames too?
Icon 07/24 18:31@29970: Good, we should start with these sjws,
Icon 07/24 13:25: This isn't a gaymer discussion board. so go screw yourselves losers.
Icon 07/24 12:48: You can't hire "Hackers" from the dark web, that's just a myth just like the torture, hitmen for hire,etc. And this is proof games have rottted your minds and made you VIOLENT.
Icon 07/24 00:22: This chatroom is the reason why jews shouldn't be the only ones who needs to be gassed.
Icon 07/23 23:08: just look at Hacknet.
Icon 07/23 23:07: Make hacking an esport so these karens and libtards will ban it too. :)
Icon 07/23 22:48: Professional hackers can take down a site EZ, wanna hire one on the darkweb? come on guys.
Icon 07/23 22:46: cloudfail and a powerful malware can take this site.
Icon 07/23 22:45: but a virus can
Icon 07/23 22:43: ok boomer
Icon 07/22 18:24: DDOS won't take down the site for long, morons. It'll be back up again in less than 24 hours. So stop coming here to this site and talking shit and go play [email protected] in your dark, stinking room with no real friends or life and family that hates you. :)
Icon 07/22 15:27: This is fynny
Icon 07/21 22:17@29946: ok boomer
Icon 07/20 19:27@29956: ikr, they're simply a typical sjws.
Icon 07/20 16:06: anti gamers arguments make no sense
Icon 07/20 16:02: gaming is fun u anti gamers are bad
Icon 07/19 23:09: also, screw all of you sjws and soyboys.
Icon 07/19 20:29@29946: Well, looks like you're from sjw groups, am i right?
Icon 07/19 18:55: They didn't have this kinda shit in my day. If we were bored we'd go do something constructive.
Icon 07/19 18:52: they have whole boot camps in china full of internet addicts, gamers. we could do the same here.
Icon 07/19 18:46: this is literally the best resource for video game addicts.
Icon 07/19 18:44@29871: GAMES Are COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA
Icon 07/19 18:41@29864: hacking this site is illegal and those morons should find something better to do, like play fortnite in their dark basement.
Icon 07/19 18:37: Pushing for video [email protected] ban legislation is the only way.
Icon 07/19 18:35: Reality is fun! Most of us are millennials who just see how a waste of time gaming is.
Icon 07/18 18:30: spam ok boomer
Icon 07/18 16:21: ok boomer
Icon 07/18 10:33: whoever created this website is a fucking retard
Icon 07/17 22:13: fuck off anti gamers suck my dick
Icon 07/17 18:00link
Icon 07/16 19:23: ok boomer
Icon 07/16 12:26: Gamers are in denial about their addiction.
Icon 07/15 05:16link
Icon 07/15 05:15: v Here ya go antisocials v
Icon 07/15 05:10link
Icon 07/15 03:46: suck my dick
Icon 07/14 21:53: To anybody here if gaming is so bad, have you tried it
Icon 07/14 14:27: THIS IS WAR
Icon 07/14 01:52: To all gamers who want to ddos this website, look for a hacker who can Cloudfail this site and start the attack.
Icon 07/13 22:35: :fire: :flag_il:
Icon 07/13 16:00: we have to stop the antigamers they are a threat to our way of living
Icon 07/13 14:31: I hope all anti gamers get corona virus and die
Icon 07/12 20:10: hey
Icon 07/10 23:15: Also dogs. Get a life
Icon 07/10 23:14@29913: We all made mistakes bud. But heck, it's never too late to change.
Icon 07/10 02:59: Also nobody even gives a shit if you're an anti-gamer. Being an anti gamer is literally hate speech
Icon 07/10 02:56@29921: Reality fucking sucks.
Icon 07/09 21:42: ok boomers
Icon 07/09 16:35: Put down your controller and accept reality today!
Icon 07/08 23:08@29916: He is being sarcastic you dumb ass
Icon 07/08 15:24: Bane is ANTIJUGADOR
Icon 07/08 14:57: ELVIS on heroes of the storm is antigamer