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Icon 03/22 20:23: Idiots go to this site
Icon 03/20 23:39: If I become president I will order Doom 1 and 2 installed on every computer in the US with penalty of execution for failure to comply
Icon 03/20 23:34: k
Icon 03/19 00:33: This website looks like a 10 year old made it.
Icon 03/16 22:26: I can't believe this website still exists. I swear I ran into this website 10 years ago.
Icon 03/16 00:26: wtf
Icon 03/13 18:43: This website is racist.
Icon 03/12 00:11: no doupt
Icon 03/08 21:55: op prolly sucks and games and is mad lol
Icon 03/05 14:27: maybe you should go outside instead of making stupid websites
Icon 03/03 13:25: this site looks shit haters
Icon 02/28 00:20: this is stupid
Icon 02/24 00:59: dick heads
Icon 02/19 17:54: FUCKING NIGGER
Icon 02/19 17:54: FUCKING NIGGER
Icon 02/17 19:08: kek
Icon 02/16 23:50: Anyone who believe this sites message is a loser.
Icon 02/13 22:17: y tho?
Icon 02/11 13:22: this is soooooooo stupid
Icon 02/09 15:14: haters gonna hateeeee
Icon 02/07 18:16: fuck this site
Icon 02/05 01:08: TRUMPPPPPPPP
Icon 02/01 01:15: PENIS
Icon 01/30 13:30: gamers win
Icon 01/28 14:45: This site is why gamers are better
Icon 01/25 13:55: Look, i agree with the overall message, but the way it is presented imakes you look like a dick. The website is poorly researched (urban dictionary) and i have a feeling you don't even care about educating gamers, just spewing off hate. This came apparent when i took a look at you forums, and the only articles i could find were about flooring! Seriously, wtf. Bottom line - the author is full of bullshit and doesn't really care about the message they try to get across
Icon 01/25 13:48: But seriously - you got your definition from the URBAN DICTIONARY?! And the fact that you called gamers gaymers probably suggests that you are a homophobic bully irl
Icon 01/25 13:45: "If you don't agree with me then you can go fuck yourself" (facepalm)
Icon 01/24 17:37: Gamers need to colaborate against anti gamers
Icon 01/21 11:23: Trump will destroy this site!
Icon 01/18 19:45: wow this site has 100/10 bias on the bias scale. Jack Thompson must of wrote it
Icon 01/18 16:35: Do the bearcat! yeah, thats the name of this song! yeah, Do the Bearcat! Take a little lesson, and ya cant go wrong...
Icon 01/18 16:33: : george washington
Icon 01/18 16:32: its enough to make you wanna leave your home. . . enough to make you wanna get a bearcat , of your own . . .its the kind of soubd, that ya can' t leave alone. . .
Icon 01/18 16:30: put your hands on your hip let your backbone slip!
Icon 01/18 16:29: late at night when the bearcat howls , hes lookin for you!
Icon 01/18 16:29: do the bearcat
Icon 01/18 02:04: TEH GABEN!!!!!!111
Icon 01/15 13:00: weak
Icon 01/11 14:56: the revolution is coming!
Icon 01/08 03:51: gamers gonna pwn antigamers in 2017
Icon 01/01 00:12: 2017
Icon 12/31 14:30: the twilite zone
Icon 12/31 01:19: What time zone is this chat in?
Icon 12/31 01:17: Wat
Icon 12/29 15:51: What is this autistic website?
Icon 12/29 04:56: is that u milo yiannopolous?
Icon 12/28 12:32: I got Uncharted 4 for christmas and its amazing
Icon 12/26 14:12: LOL
Icon 12/25 19:13: my penis very small. pls kill me
Icon 12/22 15:11: losers
Icon 12/20 12:33: or a faggot
Icon 12/17 01:23: this guy is a troll probly
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Icon 12/15 14:10: Site owner, please just fucking end your life
Icon 12/14 16:20: gamers are shit
Icon 12/14 16:17: gamers = shit
Icon 12/14 15:56: im gettin xbox 1s for chrismas yall!
Icon 12/11 01:21: this is retarded
Icon 12/09 01:32: wtf
Icon 12/06 01:17: guy who made this has no life
Icon 12/03 23:51: antigamers are trippin
Icon 11/27 01:25: scrubzzzzzz
Icon 11/24 16:31: Happy Thanksgiving antigamers! Just kidding fuck you!
Icon 11/21 01:25: gay
Icon 11/17 01:28: noobs
Icon 11/14 00:08: so stupid
Icon 11/12 11:04: .-.
Icon 11/10 12:17: only a faggot would make this site
Icon 11/07 19:47: fake and gay
Icon 11/05 22:13: This is more than likely fake and satirical.
Icon 11/05 16:44: pwnt
Icon 11/02 01:21: i mean you cant stop us cuz your losers and gamers are winners
Icon 11/02 01:19: u cant stop us losers
Icon 11/01 07:25: no gamer
Icon 10/31 00:44: lol gg dis is funny scrub. gg ez game
Icon 10/29 18:53: only losers make websites winners make millions of dollars playing lol
Icon 10/26 18:56: gamers 1 antigamers 0
Icon 10/23 20:20: "This looser gamer finally decided to clean up his life shouldn't you do the same" Are you fucking kidding me? Your just one of those bigots who think that "there is only one way to live your life". well guess what? I don't care if you call me a "gaymer" because i would rather hangout with nice people than get approval from an obnoxious scumbag like you.
Icon 10/23 00:57: shit just got real
Icon 10/18 12:10: Antigamers fuck their own mothers in the asshole
Icon 10/16 12:20: Why would people have anything against someone that will have little to no impact on their lives? Do people not have anything better to do with their lives? I'm neither a gamer, nor an anti-gamer, and I randomly stumbled upon this website. I have to say that people who dedicate their time to blast "gamers" for their time wasting need to look themselves in the mirror.
Icon 10/15 08:43: antigamers are worse than isis
Icon 10/11 01:26: butthole
Icon 10/08 13:25: antigamers are terrorists
Icon 10/06 07:42: This is the reason why Osama killed peopel
Icon 10/04 16:15: Stick a finger in my ass nigger faggot
Icon 10/03 14:48: antigamers are stupid
Icon 10/03 12:43link snough said
Icon 09/28 13:02: fuck you antigamers
Icon 09/25 20:41: this is pointless cus we will just play games anyway
Icon 09/23 19:42: #MAGA
Icon 09/19 23:56: this site looks like it was made by a retarded faggot
Icon 09/18 07:17: what the hell is this autistic site?
Icon 09/16 20:20: bitch