Major risks in video games

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Major risks in video games

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Major risks in video games
February 4, 2014
Juan Carlos Vega

Video games are very popular, improving with technology year after year.

It seems like more violent video games are created in which sex, drugs and violence are a big part of the game. A lot of parents buy their children all these violent video games without knowing how they can affect their children.

Playing an excessive amount of violent video games can make children lose interest in interacting with peers. In fact, children may lose all interest in things other than the video game, becoming isolated from friends and family members.

Children who play an excessive amount of violent video games are more likely to become more aggressive, due to experiencing and learning a lot of violence through the games. In other words, the children could become bullies.

A recent New York Times story said, “Playing the games can and does stir hostile urges and mildly aggressive behavior in the short term. Moreover, youngsters who develop a gaming habit can become slightly more aggressive as measured by clashes with peers ...”

Violent video games can lead a child to use violence to solve a problem, and he/she may be involved on fights regularly. Eventually, kids will not see a difference between the real world and the game, which can lead them to harm themselves or someone else.

Parents need to be aware of what their children are playing and seeing, because they could be developing a criminal mind or a video-game addiction.

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