Kenny’s Oil Owner Will Destroy Violent Video Games, Movies

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Kenny’s Oil Owner Will Destroy Violent Video Games, Movies

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Kenny’s Oil Owner Will Destroy Violent Video Games, Movies
by Linda Zukauskas
Published: Wednesday, February 6, 2013 7:07 AM EST

SOUTHBURY — Kenny Anderson, owner of Kenny’s Oil, LLC, 278 Old Poverty Rd., wants to destroy as many violent video games and movies as he can in the wake of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

To date, he’s collected approximately 70 units, which he will destroy on Thursday, February 14, by driving over them with his oil truck.

“When a customer turns one in, I’ll take $10 off a bill over 150 gallons,” Mr. Anderson told Voices.

He’s found the games and videos left on a fill pipe, but he’s willing to pick them up at his own expense, even from residents who have never bought nor ever will buy oil from him.

Mr. Anderson said he was inspired to gather the games and videos by two boys in Newtown who had set up a drop box to collect these items.

“There’s too much emphasis on violence in television, movies and video games.” A father himself, Mr. Anderson would like to help families find more time to spend together, and is willing to pay for the $10 offer from his own pocket.

“Half my customers are in Newtown and Sandy Hook. My wife grew up there and my office manager lives there,” he said.

Driving through the area during the holiday, he felt deeply affected and was very happy to find an activity that allowed him to make a positive difference.

“This isn’t the only solution,” he said, “but it’s the way I can help. I feel honored that I could do something that’ll hopefully make a difference. If everyone does a little bit of something, maybe we can make a big difference.”

Describing the reaction from the community, Mr. Anderson said everyone thanks him.

Newtown resident and customer Veronica Marr told Voices, “I completely believe in what Kenny is doing. Where we place our attention affects our lives.”

Ms. Marr, or Neci, would like to see this type of collection spread to include all of the U.S. “I congratulate [Kenny] for taking a stand.”

He expects to feel good as he runs over the plastic cases and CDs inside. “It’s part of the closure process.”

More information is available by calling Kenny’s Oil, LLC, at 203-262-8568.

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