Video games are risk factors

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Video games are risk factors

Post by penix » Sat Jan 05, 2013 12:03 pm ... sk-factors

Letter to the Editor
Updated: 01/04/2013 04:16:14 PM EST

The thrill of the kill experience in violent video games is unhealthy for young, developing brains. The experience feels like fun instead of tragedy.

The killing equals winning idea in violent games is also unhealthy for young developing brains. The repetitious killing desensitizes the brain to the horror and can make the game player more likely to tolerate or commit violent acts.

Research proves these two statements to be true.

The American Medical Association wrote, "Television and video game violence are risk factors threatening the health and welfare of young Americans, indeed our present and future society."

When we ask ourselves what we can do to prevent tragedies like Newtown, Conn., one of the answers is we must protect all young people from the unhealthy brain development caused by playing first-person-shooter violent video games.

Many people do not know this important research. Others doubt or disregard it. As caring Americans, this is the time for us to have open minds to consider all of the factors which contribute to our Culture of Violence and then make the necessary changes.


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